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Living Your Life Without a Financial Plan Is Like Setting Out on a Long Journey Without a Destination or a Map.

It does not employ gimmicks or exaggerations in your plan, rather, it utilizes time proven methods as well as innovative techniques that are practiced today.

  • We’ll meet with you and discuss your concerns and expectations as well as our expectations from you as a client. At this time, we also disclose our complete compensation structure.
  • We’ll gather, identify, and organize all of your financial information, including your financial goals and objectives. We’ll gather both quantitative data, such as investment details, assets and liabilities, as well as qualitative data such as your health, goals and risk tolerance.
  • We’ll analyze and evaluate your current financial strengths and weaknesses with respect to your stated goals. At this time we’ll also review your legal document such as your wills, trusts, tax returns and insurance policies.
  • We’ll formulate a personal financial plan tailored specifically to help you pursue your goals. At this time, we’ll present your financial plan to you and make specific recommendations.
  • We’ll assist and guide you in implementing your financial plan. We’ll use the assistance of other professionals as needed.
  • We’ll monitor your plan and update it to reflect changes in your lifestyle and in the financial marketplace. We’ll meet with you on a regular basis to assure your plan is kept up to date

A simple fact that you decide to take action puts you ahead of most of Americans who fail to plan and, thus, fail to realize their dreams of a comfortable financial future. A plan will help you to keep more of what you earned.